Understanding Health Concepts

In my 12 Health class I decided to try something new. We had been doing a lot of learning around the Health concepts. I knew that some students had grasped different things because in my “do nows” I asked students to write “3 things they remembered, 2 things they were unsure about and 1 question they had.” Through this I learned that students were very different in what they had learned. Also, I had a mixed-ability within my class as some students had taken 11 Health and others had not taken Health since the Junior years. This meant that there was a wide range of knowledge and understanding.

In response to this I decided created resources that allowed students to pick a concept that they needed to understand further and then, do activities within that. This can be seen in my slides “What do I need to know more about?” For each concept there were corresponding activities which catered for different learning styles eg students could read and write notes, explain to a friend, draw pictures or create a quiz.

I was unsure how the students would react to this. However, I was very pleased with how the students responded. I told the students that everyone learns at different rates and that each had grasped different concepts and that they were responsible for their learning. To have some accountability I asked students to write their “Names/Concept/Activity” and what they were doing to learn it. The students knew what they needed to do and immediately picked what they needed to learn and begun writing on the board.

I think this was beneficial for many reasons; it allowed students to choose what they needed to learn which required reflection. I think the differentiation allowed  for different learning styles.



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