Applying AKO

In this morning’s PD we were looking at the rebranded AKO and applying it to a Junior Unit of work. We had numerous activities to choose from and we had to complete 3. The ones that my group completed can be seen by the ticks on the photo attached.

We compared Craig’s golf swing to a professional and made points for him on how to improve. We discussed as a group that there may need to be more guidance for Juniors to analyse a performance as it is unfamiliar to them. We thought that having questions or what to look for might be helpful. For example, where is the ball placed, how is the person holding the club, what do their arms look like? What are their legs doing? Where does their swing start and end? This would help students learning to analyse performance know what to look for rather than it being completed open ended. Other than that, we thought it was a valuable and straightforward activity.

As a group, we enjoyed having the choice and range of activities to choose from. Having the links and QR codes and Google forms made it simple and very student centred. 


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