Term 2 Reflection


  1. Professional relationships; During this term I think I have maintained and built-on strong professional relationships at the School. I have been intentional about going to interval at morning tea to meet teachers in other departments. I have continued these School-wide relationships through Blake House events, Yr 9 Form class meetings and Beginner teacher meetings. I am also a member of soup club which is where every Friday we eat soup together. I have found that these opportunities have enable me to build strong relationships with colleagues across the School. Another positive of this is that I am able to ask teachers of other subjects how some of my students are doing in other curriculum areas because of the relationships I have with them.

4. This term I have shown excellent commitment to Professional learning. I have attended all Wednesday mornings Week A PD meetings and contributed to the discussions at these meetings.I have also attended the PENZ New Graduate Mentoring Programme. More about this can be found here. From this I have made some contacts with a teacher at Marist College who I will work with to develop more Level 1 Health Units.

5. I have demonstrated leadership in the Level 1 Health Education. I have developed the Units of work for this and have created shared Google Drive and Classroom with the other teacher of the this subject. I have talked about this further in my Google Classroom blog. For this I have also initiated moderation meetings. This is demonstration of how I have taken responsibility in a learning area and shown leadership.

11. For some of my classes this term I have made opportunity to hear student voice and for them to have some input to what is happening in the classroom. For three of my classes I have done a “how are things going” task. For this I asked students to write what helps them learn, what they enjoy, what is working for them. I also ask them to ask what the barriers are for their learning or how things could be done differently. This feedback informs how I teach. For example, my Year 10 girls told me that visual things such as video clips help them learn. As a result, I have made sure to include these for this class. Through these questions I have also learned that my instructions are sometimes rushed or unclear. From this feedback, I have worked on slowing down my instructions so it is clearer for the students.

12. I have done a lot of reflecting on my practice this term. A particularly provoking meeting in this area was with my HOD, Adam. More can be read about this in my blog post here. A result of this meeting is that I have observed other teachers across the School. I will continue to do this next term to gain more ideas across the School. From my observation . Something that I have learned and put into practice from this observation is to differentiate learning by having students write their own learning intentions and success criteria. This is something that I have trialed in Level 1 PE and will continue trying next term .

Things that I need to work on for next term are;

Ongoing contact with parents and keeping up with informing them with what is happening in class (Department TaI)

2) Demonstrate commitment to promoting the wellbeing of all akonga

3) Demonstrate commitment to the bicultural partnership in Aotearoa NZ






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