Tapu Ae – Traditional Maori Games

In Year 10 PE, I did a mini-unit on traditional Maori games. I played Tapu Ae with my class and I taught the students the traditional history of the game and Maori terms for play. An example of the specific language I taught my class is below and the teaching resource around the history and origins is attached. This shows that I am developing the relevant use of Maori language in the context of my subject area.

Tapu Ae history and origins

Tapu Ae and Maori specific language:

  • Ki (ball);
  • Kahaaraiti – the circle between Te Motu and Te Roto
  • Kahaaranui – the line between Te Roto and Te Ao
  • Tapaparoa – the outermost boundary (if you decide to have one)
  • Te Ao – the mid-court area
  • Te Marama – the ki (ball) throw-in position at the start of each point/set
  • Te Motu – the entire area within the Kahaaraiti
  • Te Roto – the area of court outside Te Motu and within Kahaaranui and Tapaparoa
  • Te Tupu – “targets” which are placed in Te Wairua
  • Te Wairua – the central zone of Te Motu, in which Nga Tupu are positioned



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