Student-centred learning

For my Year 9 Fitness lesson I experimented with a student-centred approach. During the lesson I made many observations around motivation and participation and the use of technology.

For this lesson I asked the students to download the app called “Sworkit Kids” and select different exercises from the strength, agility and balance/flexibility categories. I allowed the students to select their own so that they could be exposed to different exercises and pick their own focus for their workout. They then practicesed and trialled their own workouts so they could make amendments if necessary.

From here, I set up 6 cones as station areas. The students grabbed the blue mats to make the area more comfortable to exercise at and then setup their workouts on the iPads. This meant that the students completed the 5-min workout and then rotated to the next one.

My observations were that the students were very motivated. I think this is because they felt empowered in that they could choose their exercises. It also meant that they were proud of the workout and enjoyed challenging their classmates. Each group at each station only had 4 in it which meant that the students were accountable to keep trying hard. There was also good variety in the exercises as each group had a different focus and different exercises. From my observation, I could have left the lesson and it would have run smoothly. This indicates that the lesson was very student-centred.


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