De Bono Hats & the Sugar Tax

For Health, I used the coloured De Bono Hats to promote critical thinking around the proposed Sugar Tax in New Zealand.

I did this by initially showing the students some NZ Herald Articles about the sugar tax and also some clips on how sugar affects the brain. I was very neutral with my delivery and explanations so that I did not influence their opinion and be biased in anyway.

Using the De Bono Thinking Hats allowed students to think from multiple perspectives. I also think that it is important particularly around issues of eating/diet/body image because these can be sensitive and personal subjects. These are quite complex things to be discussing so, the hats were a useful tools for students to discover information for themselves but also, to reflect on their own attitudes and knowledge.

The outcome of the learning for this that the students were beginning to think critically and apply a socio-ecological perspective to different social issues. As a summary task, the students needed to write a paragraph explaining their opinion and why they had it. A lot of the students gave very thoughtful answers and considered the issue from a range of perspectives.

sugar tax

Also, I shared this lesson with the other teachers in my Department. I emailed them the link and told them where to find the resources for the lesson. This shows my leadership in contributing to effective teaching and learning .Alongside this, I have begun collating different resources for Health in Pearltrees. Again, I shared this with the other teachers in the department who are benefiting from recent and engaging teaching resources.



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