Appraisal Meeting

Appraisal Meeting #1 with Dean Preston-Thomas

7:30 -8 am in G1


Appraisel Notes – 24 Feb. 16 ……Jo Kennedy


  • Initial chat:

Jo is enjoying working in the department and greater school.  She loves the kids and her colleagues who she works alongside.  Jo feels that she is very busy (but coping).  She is in the process of getting his Blog up and running, reading thru job descriptions and completing various other tasks outside the classroom.


  • Student achievement data:


Jo, although aware, has not had the opportunity to analyse the student’s previous results that she teaches.  She recognises that this is important and will complete this task in the coming days.  This will then give her goals to ensure her students achieve to their potential (or preferably above what their previous grades have been!)


  • Department goals and TAI:


Jp is aware of our department TAI and has sent letters home to both her  level 1 and 2 classes parents.  She will continue to stay in contact with parents throughout each unit of work.  To add to this, we also discussed the departments other goals relating to ‘meeting student needs’ and ‘looking at different methods of assessment’.


  • Personal goals for 2016:


Jo has set herself the short term goal relating to Classroom Management.  She is working on ensuring that she has routines in place of which students are familiar with during the start-up of lesson, during the lesson and at the completion. 

Jo has also set herself a long-term goal relating to setting up a Personal Blog.  This will require her to regularly reflect upon her teaching and enter these thoughts into her blog.  Besides benefitting her personal teaching this will also be a great resource that she can use to assist her in  job applications for the future.




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